Top 10 Favorite Trends from KBIS 2016


I had the privilege to go to the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (also known as KBIS) in Vegas last month. This is a trade show Where venders come from all over the world to share all the latest in the industry. We walked for 3 days and still did not see everything. But I want to share with you my favorite trends for the Kitchen from this show.

my favorite trends from kbis #1 Armony cucine cabinetry


Armony Cucine is an Italian company with beautiful cabinetry! Not only was it very clean, but the storage components were very well done. I like their mix of modern and rustic.

My favorite trend from kbis #2   knobs with bling from jvc


While sparkly things are all the rage, this company sure had a great selection of glam knobs to get your heart racing!

My favorite trends from kbis #3 KalLista faucets

The Kallista and Ann Sacks booth was stunning of course. Take a look at the faucet clock ~ TIMELESS!

Gold has been on the rise for a couple years. It pairs naturally with gray. But what I love most is they are pieces of art and well thought out.


My favorite trends from kbis #4 faucets from DXV american standard


These next two faucets from DXV/ American Standard actually won Best in Show at KBIS. The faucet structure has concealed waterways that converge at the top, before the aerator. The result is an unforgettable user experience, where water seems to magically appear out of the faucet spout. 

The next faucet  has a focus on the experience of the water. It appears that it's a stream bouncing on rocks in a riverbed. To achieve this poetic effect, there has to be several waterways. There are 19 to be exact! I took at short video that I hope you enjoy.  

my favorite trends from kbis #5 back splash tile from jeffrey court

There are lots of advances in porcelain tiles, but my heart still jumps for marble and stone mixes. These new backsplash tiles from Jeffrey Court are gorgeous and the soft tones work well together.

my favorite trends from kbis #6 cafe foot control by grohe

I love this for obvious reasons. We always have that moment where we are cutting on the faucet in the most creative ways because our hands are a mess!

my favorite trends from kbis #7 kohler artisan sinks

Kohler has an amazing booth. It's as big as my house and there is a lot to see. I use a lot of Kohler products, but there were new things to see as well. The Artisan Collection was beautiful!  Even my pictures don't do it justice.

Below are the different glass  and pattern options.

my favorite trends from kbis #8 functional sinks by kohler & blanco

There is a point where a new product is so functional, that I get excited. The new Prolific sink by Kohler has several grooves in the sink that hold on to all its accessories. LOVE IT!

Blanco makes a great antimicrobial silgranite sink. The new Apron Front (IKON) sink is dressed in black. 

my favorite trends from kbis #9 wall tile from walker zanger

This wall tile by Walker Zanger is spunky to say the least. We have seen a rise in accent walls being tiled or wallpapered. However, this is bringing a different level of depth. There are lots of possibilities with this tile. And it is certainly not limited to a Kitchen or Bath.

my favorite trends from kbis #10 stove love!

I saved the best for last. What a fun way to show your personality. There are great stoves in almost any color.My favorite is the PINK!

They are so pretty!!!

p.s.   check out my sassy room!

I hope you enjoyed my favorite picks from KBIS. I would love to hear what you think. What did you like best?