So hot- stay cool in the Kitchen

In the Summer I like to grill out. I do it almost every day.

Food  tastes great on the grill, it keeps my house cooler, and it doesn't take as long.  

But what if it is too hot outside and the bugs are bugging you?

You are having a party and you don’t want your guests to see the mess in your kitchen. 

You love having friends over, but cooking the meal is so stressful. You want time to visit with them and enjoy your time. Not be slaving over the stove.


I have some Kitchen solutions to staying cool in your Kitchen.

so hot -stay cool in the kitchen

A warming drawer with help you get ahead

A warming drawer will help you cook everything ahead, finish the dishes, and be ready to entertain your guests. This keeps everything heated without continuing to cook.


second kitchen for the mess and prep.

If you are in the planning stages of building or remodeling, consider a back side to your kitchen. You could call it a supporting kitchen.  It could even be a Butler’s Pantry or Laundry room with a sink for dirty dishes and a Fridge for storage.If you have your evening catered, all that stuff could be in that room. Your caterers can prep and store everything while you shared a glass of wine at the island.


never run out of ice with an amazing ice maker.

Ice seems to be the first thing people run out of at a party. No one wants a warm beverage on a hot day. Make sure you have plenty of ice. Like any appliance you can blend this in with ready made panels. This ice maker provides clean cubes or nugget ice and only takes up 15” of linear space. A very cool solution!


stock your beverage center or fridgerator drawer.

The fridge can get full of your weekly food choices and then all the things for your party. Have a couple fridgerator drawers to keep a stock of your favorite beverages. This leaves room for platters and appitizers to stay cool in your full size fridge. Again, panel ready to blend in.

Monogram Fridgerator Drawer

Monogram Fridgerator Drawer

Easy cleanup with two dish washers.

This may seam like a strange idea, but if you have the space, you will love having two. We have all experienced this: We get everything ready for our party and fill the dishwasher up with all our prep dishes and pans. Then when guests are done with their dinners or stemwear, you simply have to put in the sink. EEEk!  You can have a dirty and a clean dishwasher at all times.

Monogram Dishwasher

Monogram Dishwasher

be cool this Summer in your Kitchen and stay connected with your appliances.

You can connect them to your smart phone and use your appliances in a personalized way!


Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances

You are on your way home to prepare for guests, you need to preheat the oven, no problem! You just flip on your app and set your temperature.


You don’t want to leave your friends and the great conversation, but you need to see how you are doing on ice or how long your dishwasher cycle will go. You just check your phone! Your Kitchen just got smarter. And so did you.



The last way to stay cool in the kitchen is to hire a chef to cook with you and your guests.

Myself and A group of Designers were invited out to the Monogram Design Center in Chicago this past month. And we had so much fun cooking with Chef John. Even though he did all the prep work with his team, our group really bonded over working together in the Kitchen. What an amazing experience!


We were so spoiled!  

Monogram is a wonderful company with great people and their products are of stellar quality. All the things I am recommending, I have personally seen and tried.  I know that I will be showing them to my clients!

Stay Cool! 

xo - Rebecca

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