New Years Design Resolutions


By now the dust from Christmas has probably settled.  More than likely you have new things that you need to find a home for. You may still have to put up all the Christmas décor and make way for a new year.

Some of us are sad to put all the festive décor up. Others are ready to wrap it up the day after Christmas. And while I do like to linger in it until New Years, after that, we have to give the house a fresh start. Resolutions are just that, a fresh start.

Here are some Design Resolutions that will freshen up your home this year:


*When new items come in, some older things need to go into rotation. Keep a bin with lid in your garage near your trash cans. Once this fills up, you can take to Goodwill or let friends and family look through it.

*Pick an area that is cluttered and chaotic and get organizers to pull it together. A great place to start is organizing all that wrapping paper. That is definitely a closet that can get out of hand I went to The container store and bought an organizer that goes on the back of your door.

*Buy fresh flowers (especially after Christmas) to cheer the room up.

*Make a list of all the projects you need to tackle in your home and attempt to get those things done a little at a time. I usually grab a notebook and literally walk around my house. This way you see that a closet door needs repair. Etc.

*Make a list of the deep cleaning projects that you need to do and schedule it throughout the year. Need good ideas? Check out my Pinterest board for great cleaning tricks and hacks.

*My last and most important resolution you should make for your home, is putting together a design plan for that room you would like to redecorate. Instead of piece milling it together, grab my FREE -Get it done like a Pro- decorating guide. This is show you the steps to take to pull your room together.

What resolutions are you making for your home this year?

Let me know if the comments below. Happy New Year! I can feel that 2017 is going to be great!