New Year Mindset


5 ways to get a new mindset for your home this year.

1. When all the Holiday decor is finally put up, our homes seem dull.  You can beat these winter doldrums by celebrating the season we are entering. Once I pack up Christmas, I pull out Valentines decor. But if that is not your thing, try just accenting your home with winter inspired pieces. Most of those can be simplified Christmas items.

A simple lace runner sets the tone for a romantic display. The pink and red accents you can find anywhere. My favorite part is the shadow box with the wedding prayer that my dad wrote and spoke at our wedding. I adorned that frame with a string of hearts and it is always my favorite.

Winter displays can be done with tones of white, gold and silver accents, and a pop of your favorite color.

The gold trees are from Christmas decor but in this setting they are suited to tell a different story. Over-scaled floating snowflakes are whimsical and easy to make. (Because I make a friend of mine show me every year! --HA!)

2. One thing I tell my clients to do is when putting up Holiday decor your mind will be on cleaning. This is a great time to make a plan for your home. I go into every room and make note of the things that I need to do there. Then periodically through the months when I am able to tackle a project, I won't forget what needs to be done. You could say its a resolution for your home.

3. Make a cleaning plan for your home. If you have kids involve them in the process and let them take ownership of chores they can do to help your house run smoothly.( I will post my cleaning plan in a couple weeks.) If a little gets done every day, it is not so overwhelming. 

4. Your home needs you to enjoy it! Spend time there... eating with family, playing games.  If all you do is pass through, you will never connect with your space.

5. Carve out a special place for you. Make a sanctuary nook to read, relax, pray, and reflect. I like to go to mine and get my mind focused before kids wake up and we are full speed ahead.

What ways do you refocus your home mindset for the New Year?