Kitchen Trends 2017

Interior design has always been my passion. I love my job and I am so glad to be in this line of work!  One of my favorite things to do is go to the Industry shows to see what is new on the marketplace in both materials and technology as well as how trends are evolving.

There are so many things to see at the Kitchen and Bath Industry show (KBIS) that it will take me three blogs to share it all. Last year it was in Vegas, but this year it was held in sunny Orlando, Florida. I even did a day of Disney (without kids!)

Although I have been on my own since 2006, I have had the privilege of working with a Kitchen & Bath Firm called Hantel Kitchens and Baths over the past year and a half. I have learned so much from them and really grown to love this niche in the design field.

This year I have taken an officer position. for the Tennessee chapter of NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association). They took care of expenses for this amazing KBIS Industry show. I want to share with you 11 of my favorite trends.

NKBA Tennessee Chapter officers

NKBA Tennessee Chapter officers

when you are with good company, life and work are even better.

We have a good group of people that work hard to plan events for our local designers to know what is new and relevant and to continue their education in our field. In fact we met this past Saturday to plan for the year and will have so many things to share coming soon.

The first thing I want to show you is this artist that was at our NKBA booth. She drew the top trends that designers loved over this past year. I thought it was good to see and share with you what designers from all over think.

Favorite Trends from Designers included: Farmhouse sinks, galley sinks, big islands, open shelves, smart appliances, variety of cabinet and drawer accessories, and transforming furniture.(that was mine)

Here are some of my favorite kitchen trends from KBIS

1. Transforming furniture

I love cabinetry! This is where we start on every kitchen design, so that is where I will start with showing you what is out there for trends and new things on the market. First stop was Omega Cabinetry. This transforming piece went from an island counter top, to a kitchen table. Isn't it gorgeous!?!


2. Two- toned cabinetry

You don't have to look far to see this trend in magazines, Pinterest, and Houzz. In fact at Hantel kitchens we are doing a two-toned kitchen right now. This trend is still on the rise. Here are some cabinets shown to display this well.

3. Open shelf concept

You can see the open shelves above in the two toned kitchens. It is a traditional concept that goes back to before the 20th century when all kitchens had was a potbelly stove, a work table, and shelves. But in recent kitchen design it has been a way to break up all the wall cabinets and add interest and personality. That art can be beautiful dishes or glassware, or anything worth displaying. 

4. Modern- Rustic style Kitchens

The movement into clean lines in cabinetry is still going strong. We are seeing rustic elements mixed in. I love how this was displayed in these kitchens below.

5. Mid-Century style Kitchens

Another style that we are seeing more and more of are the Mid-Century throw backs.  These slab door cabinets pair nicely with the retro looking fridge. I love the use of two toned cabinetry, but the open shelf color tied in the base cabinets real well. 

6. Gray is still on the scene

Gray skies are gonna clear up! While we are still seeing Gray cabinetry, look at the last picture with the kitchen that is a softer warm gray. I am definitely predicting a warm up in our finishes. No matter what color you are interested in, there are ways to balance it all. These grays are very soothing.

7. Navy blue color movement

Navy and cobalt blue are in everything! We saw cabinetry & appliances adorned with this rich color. It was everywhere and so stunning! After all, it goes well with all the gray and white we have seen.

8. Accessories! What's inside

You know mom always said it's what's inside that counts. I spent a lot of time at the Revashelf and Hafele booths. Now matter how beautiful the cabinets are, when you open them up they need to be functional. There are so many great ways to organize your drawers, cabinets, and pullouts. See these below.

This laundry lift might make someone's life easier

Some pantry love....

Of course, here is a pantry that is autimated, just in case you have so many heavy things and you need a hand.

This is new this year- for those who love to compost. This bin can be in a pull out close to your trash can. The compost bin has biodegradable bags, charcoal filters, and the bag clamps shut to eliminate smells.

9. Faucets are the jewelry for your kitchen

The faucet you select says a lot about you. And there are so many ways to express yourself. We are seeing a move back to polished finishes in either chrome, gold,  or nickel. There were so many new faucets this year. My favorite booth was Pfister. They spent time and really walked me through their new lines. Look at these beauties!

Pfister also had three new ideas merging that will be sort of a preview to what will come out next. The W.O.W.  (water over wire) The handle-less faucet, the Auris voice activated faucet, and the integrated task light LED faucet.


10. Sinks that make you want to work!

Rohl has always done well with their faucets, but I love their sinks. They have recently "rohled out" the warm stainless sinks. They are infused with copper, but have a strong finish like stainless. Plus they don't carry the price tag that copper sinks will. I love these!!

Rohl had other great sinks. My favorite- the timeless shaw farmhouse sink and stainless  sink with accessories. Because who doesn't love accessories!?

Although I have not had a client ask for this yet, I am loving the long galley sinks. It is almost like a trough! My problem is that the dishes could really get pilled up in a sink like this!


11. Counter tops - quartz, quartz, quartz!

Just in case you didn't know- quartz is the hottest counter top material out there. It is 75% stone and 5% resin. It never needs sealing. It never stains. Quartz is so strong. It has become more affordable over the past few years and the market has spread out so that more are making it. It is more available and looking better every year.

So while the concept of quartz is not new, I enjoyed seeing the new colors and ones that look authentic to the stone.

LG Viatera had the best looking slabs. Here is my Friend, Meghan (a fellow NKBA officer) showing our favorite.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite trends from the Kitchen & Bath show. I will highlight bathrooms next month and will have more to share with you on that. 


What is your favorite new trend from my list? Write in the comments a quick reply.

I would love to know!