Kids Rooms- Refresh

Summer has been packed tight, planned out, and it sure has passed by quickly. Of course, as a working mom, you have to plan for your kids way before summer begins in order to keep going.

I have been blessed to have the family to help. A couple weeks ago I sent my boys off to camp. The overnight kind. That is not all. My husband is military and he has been gone, so I had the entire house and week to myself. I hardly knew what to do.

But of course, I knew! I had dinner with friends, went on a Nashville food tour with my best friend, stayed up late, went running with my dog, relaxed by the pool. Then the day before my kids were to come home, I walked past their rooms and thought for a moment.

Then with no other voices around talking me out of it, I set out to give my boy’s rooms a refresh.


This is my youngest son’s room:

Besides organizing, tossing the junk, & rearranging the room, I gave the room a fresh coat of paint. Pillows and artwork were updated to go along with his personality.

Recently my son told me that he wished he had a good place to play with all the legos. He has a little desk to draw and do homework, but nowhere to build those legos. So, I went to the thrift store and found this square coffee table for $25. It was scratched up on the top, but that did not matter to me. I sanded it down and painted it navy to match some of his other furniture. Then I purchased some lego plates and I super- gorilla glued them down. As you can see this was an immediate hit.  The shelf underneath is key. This holds some of our lego bins.


I donated a lot of books and toys that were cluttering his room. His bookcase has just enough books that are his reading level. His toy chest isn’t too full, so he can find what he wants. Even when my kids were little, I just rotated their toys so they would not be overwhelmed with the amount of things.




My older son’s room:

I didn’t have time to paint this one yet, but I will do the same light blue. I updated his room with artwork, bedding, and pillows. I finished making his shades and organized books and toys.

Refreshing the kid's rooms before another school year was more than just updating two messy rooms. One way to feel ready for a new year is to have your personal space organized and clean. We all function better in a place that has order. We sleep better where we feel peaceful and not chaotic.  They love their new rooms and I am hoping they have a great school year ahead.

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