How to work with an Interior Designer


Josie walked into her favorite store. Her senses were on overload.

She loved this store. The reason for this visit was to get ideas and find some things that would work well in her room. Then she spots it. Clear across the room is a chair that she just has to have. On an impulse, she purchases the chair and feels a sense of accomplishment. After all, she was decorating her room! F I N A L L Y ! She pushed the start button. Once the chair was home, she realized that her sofa did not go with the new chair. And the chair hardly fit in the place she needed to put it. So it goes in another room until she can figure something else out.

A year later she stumbles upon the perfect lamp that will go nicely with her chair. When she got it home, she realized that she would have to hold that lamp aside until she has a chance to fit the chair into the room.  After a couple times of bringing things home that she liked, she looked around and realized they do not all go together. She likes so many different styles. How will she determine what will work for this room?


I know what it is like to appreciate so many different styles. I know how difficult it is to move into a new home and your furniture not work the same as it did in the previous house. Things can look amazing in a furniture store, but not fit the same in your home.


You have spent hours on Pintrest or Houzz and are no closer to knowing what you need to decorate your room or how your kitchen should be designed. The idea of hiring someone to design your room has always been a dream of yours. But how do you work with a designer? What is the process?


How to work with an interior designer?


1. Get your ducks in a row

You need to get your priorities set first. What is the scope of your project? Some of you jump on a renovation bandwagon and want to do a kitchen, a bath, and a living room, ALL at the same time. One project turns into a whole house. Decide what room needs the most help and start there. The focus on one space will be good for you and the designer.


2. Know what the problem is

The designer’s job is to listen to what you want and need and then create a wow factor that will solve your problem and make this a place you love to be in. All you have to do is tell me what you don’t like and I can read between the lines to find out what you do like.  What are the priorities for this room? What do you want to change? What do you want to keep? One of the things I do when I work with someone is to send a questionnaire. I like to ask the pressing questions that help me get to your personal style and how best to design the space for your needs.


3. Determine your budget

You can have some wiggle room to this, but it will be good to do some research and find out what is a realistic amount to spend. If you need more help to determine your budget, I have a resource for you. Get my FREE Get it done like a pro Decorating Guide by clicking Here.  Just like you plan for a family vacation, your decorating needs to be planned out, so you will have fewer financial mistakes.


4. Hire an Interior Designer

Getting an Interior Designer will save you time and money. You will get a professional assessment and have a qualified liaison. A good designer knows how to speak the language when it comes to architects, contractors, and builders. A trained Interior Designer knows the building process and how to communicate the designs through various meetings and drawing specifications. An Interior Designer sees your room in a different way and thinks outside of the box for the perfect solution.


I have made it easy for you!

I have created design packages for you to choose from. Have seat Goldilocks and see which one is just right. I list in detail what is included, so you won’t be left guessing. Once you decide, we will set up a consultation to begin your project. You will always know where we are at in the process. I am organized and efficient and I promise you will love the experience! Want to see what others say? Click Here