How to Survive a Home Renovation

how to survive a home renovation

Are you thinking of renovating your home and you wonder, how will me and my significant other decide on things together?


Or are you worried about doing improvements because you know they don’t have the same style as you?


These are questions that most couples encounter, so you are not alone.


 I joke that I am also a couple’s counselor.  It is a fact that the environment around you affects how you feel.  Each of you will have opinions and preferences on the style of a room, finishes that will be used, and what the room is even used for. But I’ve got you covered! I have spent many years working with couples to have a smooth Design and Renovation experience. Here are 5 tips that will help you get through your home's makeover.


How to survive a Home renovation Tip #1

Have a meeting of the minds.  ~   Sit down and have each of you write a priority for the space.  What is the purpose of the room? What is the goal you have in redoing it?  What is the outcome you hope to get? What colors do you like? What styles do you like?


How to survive a Home renovation Tip #2

Start a picture file  ~   Some times people are describing different things, but really meaning the same thing. Go to Pintrest or Houzz and start an idea board. From there you all can see what things you like together.


How to survive a Home renovation Tip #3

Compromise!    ~    I will be honest; none of us want to do this, but we are with another person because they bring something to the table that we like and respect. So, ask them their thoughts and see what the level of importance is. Where are you willing to let it go? Where is your partner willing to bend? What are things that are non-negotiable?


How to survive a Home renovation Tip #4

Be patient     ~   HGTV is great for ideas, but most people are so surprised with the time it takes to design, shop, plan, purchase, construct, and finish.  You have to remember that TV is still a production. They might act like they did a design in a day. But they really met months prior and planned it out. They had several meetings to decide on products. Things were ordered and even backordered and maybe even re-decided on….

Whew!  Give yourself a break and realize it will take time. Most Kitchen & bath renovations take 5 weeks to plan, 5 weeks to order and get everything delivered and about 5 weeks or more to implement  it.  Being aware of time frames can help you keep your expectations more realistic.


How to survive a Home renovation Tip #5

Get away!    ~    Simply put, if a renovation is stressing you all out, you need to get out!

Go find your favorite spot. Weather it be a place on the beach or a date night out, go somewhere together away from the chaos of the renovation.  When you have an Interior Designer you can trust, going on vacation might be the ticket to a peaceful renovation. Not many of us can go away for the whole thing, but a time of refreshing when your house is out of order, will be good for everyone.


And if you would like a designer that can work with both you and your partner to find a solution that you will both love, >>>check out what these couples have said <<<


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