How to spend your tax return on your decor wisely

It is Tax season! A time of year that either makes you anxious or excited. Either way, you have worked hard for every dollar you make. You want to make sure that whatever you spend, that you invest wisely. You want your home to be a reflection of who you are, NOT the shopping mistakes you've made.

This is the month that most people use Tax Returns to start their big projects. You could be remodeling a Kitchen, redecorating a Living room, or sprucing up your reading nook. Whatever you are working on, I want to share ways that you can spend those dollars wisely on your decor. 

1. Do your homework-    You can shop the local stores or go on line, but make sure you consider the style you are going for, the quality of the furniture, and the price to compare.  Sometimes the best deals are on line.

2. Keep a project file handy- Take pictures of the room you are working on to refer to when you are out shopping. Pictures tell us a story that our memory cannot. Download on your smart phone the "Evernote" app and upload anything you find for your project. You can upload pictures for inspiration, pictures of your existing room, measurement notes, and even website findings. Of course, it always helps to have real fabric and paint samples. Just keep them in your car for when you spot the perfect piece that you will need to match colors to.

3. Buy Second Hand - Some of the most amazing pieces I have found were at a Flea Market, Craigslist, or Yard Sale. The truth is that if an item has good bones you can reupholster or refinish to your liking. If you want to shop the Flea Market like a Pro, READ ABOUT IT  >>HERE<<

4. Go Neutral - You know that little black dress that is in your closet that goes with everything? ... For like the last 10 years!? Your investing in BIG ticket items that you want to last a long time. And not just with the quality, but the style as well. I had a client once ask me, "Will this go out of style?" To that I said, "Yes" Everything goes in and out. When you go Solids and neutrals on the big items, you can let your personality show through on the rest. Pillows, draperies, and accessories can allow you to add the design style that will be easy to change out.

Who had a plaid couch growing up?  oooooohhhh, I did!

5. Ditch the brand names- This seems to go against all design rules, but hear me out. You do need to make sure that BIG ticket items are made well. You need to check warranties and know how things are made. However,  you can get a 100% Wool rug from Homegoods and save about half.  You don't have to have a designer's name on it, if you love the way it will complete your room.

I have a gift for you!  I have created a Furniture Shopping Guide that will help you  make the best choices for your decor. This tool will help you be confident that what you are buying will work in the room and last for a long time.  ENJOY!