How to make the most of your closet

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Storage- we all want it! You can’t watch an episode of house hunters without hearing someone talk about the size of the closets. We can’t get enough - we want more places to store our junk and hide it away. I know, you don’t have junk.... Neither do I.

We moved five years ago to a family home that was built in the 60’s. There is NO closet space. It has made me really think about what I buy or even keep. And I am so glad Christmas is over so I can have my closet back!

One year my husband said to me, “You are really clean with the things people see”. HA! He was blown away at how messy my closet was. This could be true on so many levels, but troubling to hear. You see, I help people organize their offices, bedrooms, kitchens, and CLOSETS but I wasn’t putting my own teaching into practice. Furthermore, when I would get ready in the morning, I would just sit and stare as if something would just jump out of the closet and onto my body.  Have you been there?

Here are the steps that I work through when helping my clients organize.

Make the Most of your closet -Tip # 1: Take everything out of your closet

Yep. ALL of it. Sometimes the only way to see a space for what it could be is to have a clean slate. Also, you will be more selective with what goes back in.

Make the Most of your closet -Tip #2: Make zones

Making zones or stations in even in the tiniest closets will make a big impact. Jewelry, belts, purses, shoes, hats, pants, dresses. Think of putting any like-items in the same place or area. If it is a linen closet, you could group things in storage bins or baskets.

Make the Most of your closet -Tip #3: Determine purpose

What is the purpose of this closet? If it is just storage and not clothes -is there another place for any of the items you are storing here? Sometimes we shove something in a closet that does not need to be there. Can you store the items somewhere else? Define what really needs to go in the said closet and then make sure it all fits.

Make the Most of your closet -Tip #4: Add Technology


We are at an age where there is an app for everything! Even if you do not have an iPad, most of us have a smartphone. If you really want to be organized and have efficient mornings, use the Stylebook clothing app. There is a little setup time but seems worth it at the end. It has a feature to mix up outfits, to allow you to save them, and to plan ahead. 

Make the Most of your closet -Tip #4: Make it pretty!

Make it pretty- whether it’s a small bifold opening or a walk-in –make your closet visually appealing. The Closet photo in this blog has molding done by Metrie. Their moldings are stunning! When I go to market, I am flooded with ideas from their beautiful displays. They are easy and add give a lot of drama to any space. Your closet does not have to be boring. Painting your closet can also give it depth and personality.

Make the Most of your closet -Tip #4: Celebrate your new closet!

I would actually plan this ahead of time so you have something to look forward to. But once you have done an organizing task in your home- celebrate- go get a massage or some icecream. Whatever it is, reward yourself for the hard work. It will encourage you to do it again for a different closet or other organizing projects. –Different day of course!

Want more help to organize your home this year? Download my Clean Slate workbook and create your fresh new start for any room in your home!

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