Guest Room Ready!


If your home is like mine around the Holidays, than you can compare it to a hotel. Well, it’s not quite that crazy. My husband and I have some family that live out of state and feel so blessed that everyone likes to come back home. Having said that we jokingly ask them to make reservations at the Robinson hotel before it books up.


The truth is I love having company and hosting parties. I love creating an environment where people feel completely comfortable and at home. I am a true extrovert and hanging out with my people is my recharge. So, as I get my home ready for different guests this holiday season, I wanted to share with you some ideas to getting your guest room ready too.




Guest Room Ready Tip #1: Stock the Room with Munchies

Traveling can be exhausting! It doesn’t matter if you drove for 10 hours or were in an airport all day, it is taxing on your energy. Travelers might be off of their meal times and when they arrive at your place, they could need a snack before dinner plans, etc. Also, unless your completely comfortable, when your staying at someone else's house, you don’t always want to raid their fridge in the middle of the night. I like to load a cart full of snacks and drinks. I even have my Kurig coffee maker for that hot cup of Jo, so they can make themselves at home. You can also load up tray and place it on a dresser or table.



Guest Room Ready Tip #2: Provide the Essentials

The moment when you realize that you forgot your toothbrush or lotion and you think how funky you will be for a little bit before you can talk your host into bringing you to the store… which is the last thing you wanna do when you have been traveling. If your guests have a specific bathroom designated for them, stock it with any toiletries that you would see in a hotel and any extras that you can think of. Make sure you have plenty of blankets for staying warm.  And a bedside lamp is a must!



Guest Room Ready Tip #3: Make a gift and put it on their bed

Putting together a personalized gift basket really makes people feel welcomed!  Put together things that they would love, yummy treats,  magazines, and a note from you, the host. No matter how many times they have come to your place, a handwritten note and gift says you have thought about them coming and your happy to have them at your house.  I also give them a key so they can come and go while they are in town.


Guest Room Ready Tip #4 : Give them the 411!

In our guest room we have a framed wifi password, so our guests can login and start streaming. Other helpful information would be any planned events that might be going on while they are in town. I made a FREE wifi sign for you to have. It is fully editable.  Click below and enjoy!



Guest Room Ready Tip #5:  A place for their stuff!

No one wants to live out of a suitcase. But if you have to keep it all in the suitcase, having a luggage rack is helpful. This way you don't have to put everything on the floor.  Give your guests a place to land. You can help them by providing some drawers in a dresser or space in a closet. Clear out some hangers and make way. Your guests  will notice that you made room for their things.



Guest Room Ready Tip #6: Make is cozy!

Make extra blankets accessible by putting in a bedside trunk or closet.   A fuzzy robe and fresh flowers will make them feel spoiled and definitely blow them away!

 If you need help with putting a room together in time for your Holiday Guests, give me a shout.  You can also see Design Packages here.  Hope that you have a fabulous Christmas season and you enjoy the Guests that visit your home.