How to shop the Flea Market like a Pro

Some of my greatest treasures have been from yard sales or flea markets. It is not just the great deal, but the thrill of the hunt and

giving that item new life.  All of those things are a bonus. The flea market is a mixture of old and new.  Items have been saved,  salvaged

or repurposed.  And most of the time what you are finding is one of a kind.  So, I wanted to give you some tips to help you shop the

flea market like a pro.


Shopping the Flea Market like a Pro:  Tip #1- pack wisely

 If you can bring an SUV or truck that would be ideal. Most venders are only there for the day or two and  cannot hold things

until later.  Bring a notebook that lists what you are looking for.  What is even easier now is taking notes right on

your phone. I also take pictures of the room I am working on to help me make the final decision.  When I pack my Flea Market bag

it will have the notebook, tape measure, a big bag or collapsible cart, bubble wrap or tissue for the breakables, my phone, sunscreen,

 snacks, water, and finally some cash!




 Check weather reports and dress accordingly. The show will go on rain or shine, but you will want to be prepared. Plan to get

there early. Some of the best stuff goes quickly and you don't wanna miss out!

Look around your home and think of the things you are wanting to find. Make a list and take a picture of that area. Take measurements

of how big it can be making notes in your notebook or phone. Having your tape measure on hand at the Flea Market will help you

see if the new item will fit.  


SHOPPING THE FLEA MARKET LIKE A PRO: TIP #3- get your game face on!

Do ask for a better price. You can say...

 “Is that your best price?”

“Can you do better?”

“Would you take $blank?” (holding that amount of cash out towards them). It will be hard for them to turn away your offer when cash is being handed to them.  Don’t show how much excitement about the item you are wanting to buy. Don’t gush over how cool it is.  Do buy the items you love though. They won’t be there later. Don’t offend the dealer if they won’t negotiate. Always have a price in mind that you are willing to spend.

I have never regretted buying, only what I let slip away.



You want to thoroughly check items to inspect that they are good for repurposing. Some times you will find hand-

crafted items that are already redone and nothing will need to update it. But for old or new furniture pieces check

and make sure it has good bones. No matter its purpose or esthetic, is it sturdy? Was it born from a workshop or iconic designer?

Inspect upholstery items carefully making sure that they are worth the investment.

 How can you reinvent your treasure?  Where will you put it?  Is it a diamond in the rough or just rough?


if you do these things you will definitely shop the flea market like a pro. if you need additional help shopping, i am great at it and i would love to help. drop me a line on my facebook page.  this month i will be showing all kinds of "favorite finds" from yard sales, thrift stores, and yes, the flea market too. share with me what you have found on your treasure hunts.

Hope to connect with you soon!