Decorating Small Rooms- Why it's like a having a cat

It is a known fact that cats can fit into almost any small space. They find a container of some sort and slither in like they are liquid.

I have had cats most of my life and I would say I have seen them in some funny positions and squeezed tight into a box or poured into a sink. They fit just about anywhere. Cats make me laugh at the places they will hang out or get into.

Reasons Decorating a Small Room -  is like having a cat

Color palette –

keep neutral and softer walls to brighten the space. Most loud noises scare cats or any animal. Keep the noise out of the envelope of your room and put your personality in the furniture and accessories. The more your walls and floors are consistent, the bigger the room will feel.



Declutter and clean -

After every meal and every encounter with dirt or water, cats lick themselves from head to toe. When moving into a small space, go through and eliminate items that will make the room feel crowded. Also, when bringing new items in, it is a good idea to find some things that need to get donated and go back in rotation. That way, the clutter doesn’t creep up on you like a cat.

Go vertical –

Cats think in terms of “How high can I go up this wall?” You should think about the vertical possibilities as well. Use the wall space and hang floating shelves  or bookcases for storage and to hold the things you love.


Draw the eye up –

Continue to utilize your walls by hanging artwork in collages that carry some height. Your draperies can also be mounted close to the ceiling to give the illusion the room is bigger. Keeping windows unobstructed will make the light and room feel open.


Add Mirrors –

We all know cats are tricky. Well, bringing mirrors into a room will trick the eye and bring light and depth the your room.


Re-Imagine your rooms-

If any cat is done with you, they just move on. Have you ever called a cat that didn't want to come? Ha! Well, if you are done with your room, reimagine what else it could be. Turn a closet into an office space. Ditch your dining room – if you aren’t eating in a formal dining room, turn it into a study.


Make an entrance-

Have you ever wondered why they call it the “Cat Walk”? It is called that because cats make an entrance when they walk in the room. You need a place to make an entrance. Even if you don’t have a formal entry room or hall, you can still create a place in your room that you can land when you arrive home.

Get creative on your storage –

Cats are like liquid and can fit in almost any container. Use bins and baskets on open shelves, Add a skirt to a table and store items under it. Try storage racks in closets and pantry doors. Buy furniture that has storage room like an ottoman, trunk, even beds and sofas that lift up with hidden compartments.


Don’t crowd the space-

Have you ever been around a cat that knows kids are coming? It will dash out of the room. They do not want to be crowded. Your room does not feel good when there is too much in there or the scale is too big. Incorporate smaller sofa with mixed seating of chairs & ottomans. Less bulky so it will not crowd.


Don’t force it -

You can not force a cat to do anything. Have you ever seen people that walk their cat on a leash? I know that some have conquered it, but I have never been able to make a cat do that. If you have no room for coffee tables? No worries – use a couple small round accent tables or a small sofa table behind the sofa. You do not have to have a traditional dining room either. Do a round table and cut the corners.


Pull your furniture off the wall –

Cats are interesting and all unique. Every room is too. Even if you move from one small place to another, it is different. Try not to line your furniture on the wall.  Sometimes it is the only way, but try not to.  Lining it all around the room gives the full but empty feeling. Try rearranging different ways while making sure to not block passageways.


Flirt with your Space -  

The best part of having a cat is the love they bring you. Romance your small room with fresh flowers and indoor plants.  A room worth spending time in is one that you gave some love and attention to. Nature brings out so many positive feelings and freshness. You just need to bring it!


If you’re a dog person, or don’t like cats at all, I am sorry. To me cats are elegant, quirky, flexible, finicky and warm cuddlers. Small rooms can definitely be a challenge. But small rooms can be cozy, intimate, and purrfect if you follow these tips.


Do you have a small room? What challenge are you having with your room? Leave me a comment below. Also, check out my FREE Decorating guide. In it, I give you my step by step actions to planning and decorating your room. 

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