How to decorate your Porch for Summer


Summer is finally here and you want to go outside and enjoy the warm air and golden sunny days. There is just one problem.

Your porch or deck is BORING.

It does not feel like the rest of your house. You are not sure how to make this space an extension of your home.  

Whether your watching your kids play, or watching the world go by, you want to feel like your outside spaces reflect your personality and feel welcoming. 

It is not very different from the inside of your home, just have to think of materials that will survive the elements.


So I am loading up my cart and showing you how to decorate a Patio, Porch, or deck this Summer.


This is literally how full my car gets when I am decorating. It seems ridiculous and that I am buying too much, right?  Well, it is too much, but that is on purpose.

Even designers need to see some things in the space or setting before we know it is "the one". I am a girl who likes options. So, always buy more and be ok with returning what doesn't work. 

The client's Porch that I am showing you today is on a beautiful golf course. And with an incredible view, of course, they wanted to spend time outside on their covered porch. 

Here are Five simple steps to have the perfect Porch for Summer

1. We started with outdoor furniture in a dark wicker and clean ivory cushions. While using color for this base is a personal preference, this client likes more of a neutral elegance inside her home. The outside should feel like an extension of your home.

2. Place outdoor rugs at seating groups and dining tables. This pulls the room (inside or out) together. For this space, we used a Seagrass rug in a neutral golden tone and a border stripe for pattern.

3. Then add color in the accent pillows. Her color palette is in a soft green, grays, and light mochas. There are some great outdoor fabrics that are not all highlighter colors. You can find a good variety now.  I try places like Home Goods, Pier One, and even Target for pillows.  You don't have to go directly to the outdoor area, but you need to know what fiber content will be good for outside conditions. Look at the little tag and see what the puppy is made of. If it is made of natural fibers like cotton, silk, and linen you can forget about it. They will fade and break down very easily. If they are made of synthetics like acrylic, rayon, polyester,  and olefin then they will last longer.  A blend of natural and synthetics will have a 50/50 chance of lasting long. Just make sure those are not in direct sun and in a covered area. 

4. Plants, plants, plants.   You are probably wondering why this is important. I mean, you are already outside among them. BUT even though this is an extension of the rest of your house, this outside space of yours should give you a feeling that nature has blended in. So a variety of sizes and plant types are great.

5. Accessorize to make it yours! I found trays in the jewel tones that would complement the softer palette. The pots for your plants don't have to be boring. We used warm terracotta, marble, and cobalt blue beauties to adorn her plants. And finally, lanterns and candles are a MUST. Lanterns are good to shield the wind from blowing out your candles. They also look great.  

Look at the golf course in the reflection! Isn't it stunning?!

Look at the golf course in the reflection! Isn't it stunning?!

PSSST! You can see me in this reflection! HA!

PSSST! You can see me in this reflection! HA!

Ahhhhhh! Ready for Summer. Sip it in!

Ahhhhhh! Ready for Summer. Sip it in!

What are you doing to spruce up your outside space?  Throw me a question in the comments below. I am here to help!


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