How to design your home with the 2016 colors


Every year pantone puts out a color of the year. This year for the first time, they put out two. Rose quartz and Serenity.  Color is always moving, changing from season to season and morphing into new palettes. Since colors have natural compliments, sometimes they move in unison with eachother like a dance.  The two colors chosen definitely do that.

While they are a natural pairing, it will take finesse to balance these very pastel colors. Something will need to ground the eye to give this palette some weight.  Adding gray, gold, or brown can add depth to this duo. You could add this new color palette in whatever dose you want from just an accent pillow to a whole chair. Either way adding Serenity and Rose quartz to your room will warm it up and give it a pop. If you want ways to incorporate these to your spaces, I've got you covered! Below are some of my favorite items to use for this 2016 color palette.  Click here to get the links>>

Want more help on choosing color palettes? I'm here for you. Drop me a line.