Bathroom Renovation - Warm up


This week I wanted to share with you a Bathroom remodel and give you tips to make your Bathroom Renovation successful.  There is noting quite like a frozen pipe and a flood to make you renovate your bathroom quicker than expected. One of my favorite clients had a pipe burst in the middle of a cold winter day and it flooded three stories of her house! This is what we did with the Master Bathroom suite. 

Since this was an unplanned push from an accident, we do not have before pictures. But I can share with you the results. 

I remember when I got her call and I came over and saw the complete disaster that they were in. The whole house was turned upside down. So many things were ruined or about to be ruined. We moved things out of the way and sorted various pieces or art and furniture. Then I took one look at my client and dear friend and realized, I needed to get her out of the house and looking at beautiful things so she could reimagine her space.  I took her shopping for flooring. Most of her floors and walls needed to be replaced, so this seemed best place to start.

I normally don't start with tile when designing a bathroom, but I knew that this would make a difference in their situation, so we searched for floor and shower tile. (Along with flooring for other parts of her home)

Here is the tile going in.  While it is mimicking a natural stone, it is actually a porcelain tile. Even though there were many patterns in the one style, I still wanted to make sure that the each tile was laid in a centrifugal pattern with the each adjoining tile. That is fancy talk for I made sure the tiles played nicely with each other! Ha!

We chose a warm color palette using gold and mocha tones. Even though we were working backwards, I knew the over all look she wanted.  Next I drew cabinetry design plans for  the carpenter.  


For this traditional home the rope detailing and rich wood tones went together perfectly. The doors and drawers are all inset and flush for a clean and polished look.  Below are the results and the after pics of the Bathroom.

 We also selected the granite, faucets, tub, mirrors, sinks, lighting and even drawer and cabinet organizers. Design is always in the details!

My client had several rooms we had to renovate due to her flood. They were all upgraded and beautiful. But this bathroom was my favorite.

It  turned out gorgeous! I know she loves it and I couldn't be happier for them.


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