Backsplash Love


The perfect backsplash tile gives a Kitchen a personality all it's own. 

 I want to share with you some of the hottest trends in backsplash tile for 2017.

While I have had client's do everything from glazed white subway tile to solid pieces of quartz, the backsplash in a kitchen can be as unique as the one who owns the home. There are so many beautiful options out there. And even though it is a small amount to tile, it makes a big impact on how the room feels.

At the Kitchen and Bath Industry show this year there were a lot of beautiful trends in backsplash tile that I want to share with you.

As all trends go, they are in constant movement. Some of these you might have seen already. Since the Housing Industry works a little like the fashion industry, some trends stick and some are only for the real brave.

Natural stones are real big in backsplash tiles right now. I love the various tones you get with this hex mosaic.

Moroccan Inspired tile is still a trend you will see. I like the purple veining in this marble. The design appears to be inlaid on a solid slab. It is high contrast, but gorgeous!

White and grays are still on point for trends in 2017- and the backsplash is no exception. This leaf inspired marble backsplash has a subtle movement and works perfect with the quartz counter top.

This is an example of what you might wear, but don't always think to install in your home. A large chevron pattern makes a bold statement. Even though these are simple glazed porcelain tiles, the pattern is fun and laid on a vertical so it  makes your eye look up. I love the green cabinetry! Black and white definitely are a smart pairing with this green. 

Mixing backsplash types has also been popular lately. Here we have the very common 3x6 subway tile, but mixed with the metal splash just at the stove.  I like the use of the textured stainless panel. It gives the stove more presence. 

Linear blend mosaic tile has been out for awhile, but now some are laying it on a vertical. Very interesting...  With the high contrast in the blend, it reminds me of water or rain fall.

My favorite backsplash trend is the metal mix ups. Gold plays such an elegant role in both modern and traditional Kitchens. When you mix your metal finishes, you have more flexibility in your choices and overall design. I also fell in love with the tiled wall above the sink on the left. The clock is so pretty. It goes to show you that you can make a focal wall using just tile.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of some of the trends going on right now for backsplash tile. What was your favorite? What kind of backsplash tile do you have right now? If your sick of it, did you know that tile is the easiest thing to change out in a Kitchen? Let me know if you need a Kitchen Refresher. I would love to work with you!