Boho Chic Nursery Design

Spring is a time to celebrate new beginnings. Everything around you is vibrant and full of life. The room that most represents this season to me is a   

B A B Y’ S   N U R S E R Y.

I love doing Nurseries.  There is something so sweet about creating a space that will bond the baby to its new home.

Spring is the perfect time to show off a baby nursery that I am so smitten over!

This room is designed and curated by my friend and photographer, Meghan Downs. The way she put this room together was more than her having a good sense of style, but it was also her mother’s touch.


Boho Chic Nursery.png

Every good room starts with an inspiration. The first thing that inspired Meghan for this room was a pillow from Anthropologie. ( I can remember a time or two when something from Anthropologie inspired me! ) This accent pillow gave her the Boho theme and color palette to carry throughout the room.

With inspiration and deep meaning held together, the creativity poured out of her.

The deep gray walls made the light furniture pop along with the artwork and accessories.


 Rose gold accents were added to make the room appeal to her Chic side.

So many special things went into this room. Her family and friends got involved to make this room perfect. Her dad and brother built the custom wood triangle & octagon shelves as well as the white storage shelves.

Her sister-in-law crafted the wildflower mobile, wooden E, and door wreath.

Friends even gave back some special toys that Meghan’s mom had given them. Love was given back and showered over this room!

The marble shelves came from her company Smokey Mountain Tops, a vendor that I absolutely LOVE! Smokey Mountain is where I met Meghan. She paired the shelves nicely with gold brackets.

They found the gold oval mirror from a 1930's home on facebook marketplace. Vintage flair holds the Boho theme.

The silhouette photos were taken during her pregnancy and framed above a very special panda bear print that her husband gave her for her first mother’s day.

Speaking of Pandas, they are throughout the room in different places as they represent her mom and a childhood memory they have together - anytime Meghan or her brothers would be upset, their mom had a special panda bear they would get to hold while she rocked them and everything would be better at that moment.

A mother's influence is amazing!


The Wildflower watercolor print above Elle's crib was an original artwork gift from a friend that fit just perfect in the space.

The grey Gus Glider with matching gliding ottoman, they were worth every penny as I am in the chair often for feedings, rocking, playing, and bedtime.

The Crib and changing table were ordered from wayfair, and the rug from World Market. 


This was more than a baby’s room, but a place for Meghan to honor her own late mother.

She said it best to me, “I knew I wanted her room to be like a peaceful sanctuary for us to retreat to for all things baby. Let me tell you it has done the trick in helping to make our transition into parenthood a little smoother. From the vibes to the setup of the room it has all made a difference. It surprises me how much a special space can do that! Also, my late mom, whom I lost two years ago was a bit of a hippy, flower child and I like to think of myself the same so figured the room was right in line with our family vibes.”


Wanna see more inspiring work from Meghan? Check out Meghan Downs Photography HERE! 

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