7- Must Have Storage Solutions for your Kitchen

Your home is more than just beautiful Furniture and meaningful accessories. A thoughtfully designed home is more than appearances, it is how you use the space.

You are directly affected by the way your home feels. If there are any rooms that seem out of order, or maybe the room isn’t living up to it’s potential, or you are just not sure what to do in that space, I want to help you get the most out of each room.


Unless you eat out every day, your Kitchen is a place that needs to work for you. Whenever I start designing a Kitchen Floor plan, the goal is to decide the room’s function first. We evaluate all the items my client’s have, how they use their Kitchen, and then formulate not only a great working layout, but ways to organize it that will suit their unique way of living.

Even if you are NOT renovating your Kitchen, this room is center of your home and you need it to function better for you. You might love your current Kitchen layout, but there are ways that you can work more efficiently so you have time with your friends and family, and that is what everyone wants.


Here are 7 must Have storage solutions to organize your Kitchen

KITCHEN STORAGE SOLUTION #1- clear the view!

The best place to start is your Fridge. You need to clean out the entire thing and go through items to see what is out of date, needs to be thrown away, or just simply would not be eaten. Then you need to have clear bins that will not only organize your food , but will be easier to see. Studies have shown that an organized fridge can promote smarter snacking and decrease food waste. Knowing what you have is half the battle. Of course then you have to buy the healthier food ;-)

kitchen storage solution #2 - Air Tight Containers

For the dry storage you still want to have a clear view, but you also want things to have an air-tight seal. Not only will it keep your food fresh but it will be easier to store and take up less space.

kitchen storage solution #3- Prep Cart

One way to organize your Kitchen’s efficiency is to better equip you when you are prepping your meals. The Elfa Prep cart can be stored in most pantry closets and rolled out when you are getting your meals ready. The entire Elfa pantry solutions are a huge love of mine. You can find them at the container store or by clicking pictures below.

kitchen storage solution #4-drawer dividers

Raise your hand if you can open up any drawer in your Kitchen and it be a hot mess! Well, they make really easy drawer dividers that will fit your needs and help you to tame the chaos. You will actually have more space when everything has a home. Just like the fridge, you will need to take everything out and decide what will work best in that drawer, what can go somewhere else, and what will never get used needs to be donated.

kitchen storage solution #5 - Wall cabinet pull down

This cabinet accessory is worth it’s weight in gold! How many of you can reach the top shelf of your wall cabinet? If you can, that is awesome! But for most of us, the top shelf is for seasonal items or we get our step ladder out. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a designated cabinet for the medicines, vitamins, or other things related to our daily routine. Most medicine should not be stored in your bathroom because of the steam from showers. Plus you don’t really want your friends going through your medicines -wink wink! This accessory is by Rev-a-shelf. I use them for most renovations and this is one that you can add at any time.

Kitchen storage solution #6- Put that Susan to work!

How many times have you spun your lazy Susan around to find that everything flies off the shelf?! Well, for starters you might need to take the tupperware out of that cabinet. ( G U I L T Y) A better way to store your items are in these pie shaped Susan organizers. Put that girl to work! You can click on the pictures below to get some.

kitchen storage solution #7 - A closet case

The Kitchen Pantry closet door is valuable real estate! Don’t forget about all the little things that get lost in your pantry. My favorite organizer (and currently use to organize by wrapping paper and bags) is called the Elfa Door organizer.

It is so easy to put together that you don’t even need any tools! This is my go to and it really works well in the Pantry. Add as many shelves as you need. The perfect pantry must have one of these!

We all want to be more organized. We want our stuff to work for us and be a blessing. When everything is out of order, we will feel it. Don’t get overwhelmed! I have a gift for you. Get my FREE Organizing Calendar for 2019 and get your home in order this year. Little by Little- Progress over perfection.

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