Home Renovation- The begining

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Many of you have wanted me to share our home renovations. I'm going to start at the beginning and show you what we have done.

My husband and I bought his Grandfather's home. Its a 1960's Ranch style house and he was the only owner. My husband has so many fond memories growing up in this house. When he came home and said he wanted to live here, I hesitated. It needed a lot of work.

We knew to make it ours we would have to do a lot of renovations. AND we would have to make his grandfather proud. I'm positive he would have liked what we did to his house. :-)


So, I am going to show you how we renovated the main rooms first.  

Hello 1960's! Check out the front room.

This was the front Living Room looking into the Dining room.

60's Style arched windows

This was the old front door. I stripped it and made it into my headboard.  See the post about that project here.


This is the Den.

Ranch homes usually have a Living room in the front and a Den right behind it.

The paneling had to go to lighten everything up.

The first thing we tried with the fireplace was to get it professionally cleaned. 

But it still had years of love showing.

This was the Kitchen.  My plan was to open up the kitchen. You can see my full post on the Kitchen Renovation here.  


In the Kitchen I replaced both windows, raising up the one on the right so that I could take countertops to the end of the wall. The old countertops ended at the first window.

On the outside of the house, I had my masonry guy match the brick.

We pulled up all the old carpet, tack strips, and a million staples to see if we could save the original wood flooring.

I mean.... we pulled up A LOT of old carpet!

But, there were several bad spots that were rotted.

Anyway, on to reconstructing...  We expanded the dining room to fit our furniture. 

Instead of making a wall, we gave the room a separation with a slight arch going into 

the room.

This is the view of both exits of Dining Room.

Next, the Living Room and Den were opened up to one room. 

We lowered the ceiling in the Living room to match the Den.

You can see on the floor where the wall was.

The only wall in this main room would be the Kitchen pantry.

Here is the dry wall going up.

The front entrance was completely changed. I fell in love with these Mahogany Doors. They

get stained a dark Walnut to match the beams above.

Here is how the main rooms turned out!

The After shots

We had a different floor covering in every room, so we put a new wide plank hardwood throughout.

We painted the fireplace, cleared out the paneling,  and added fresh paint everywhere.

So, let me know what you think.

Leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!