How to get JOY out of your home this year

Want to know the one thing is that will bring you the most JOY this year?

Getting your home organized. 


It seems like a no brainer, and while it is easier said than done, we all know that when our spaces are more organized, we reap the benefits. We feel different in a room that is not cluttered. We feel energized when a room has a clear purpose and it serves us and our familes well. And finally,we will be more productive in a space that has been cleared of clutter and our stuff is in order. 

 We all know this. 

So why is it so hard?

The answer is simple.

-WE- complicate it.

We complicate the process, the reasons we have all the stuff, the emotions behind why we have all this stuff.. We don’t know what to do with it, so it remains.

 Since organizing is something I have been doing for clients for over 15 years now and it is a passion of mine to help others get JOY out of their homes, I am going to walk you through the best ways to organize your home this year. I will offer you practical & easy steps to get your home in order and working for you.

 If you stick with me on this journey, not only will you get the steps to take, but the encouragement as well. There will also be some contests and prizes! YAY!  I just want to make this fun and help as many people as I can along the way.

I have a Gift for you!

Download my FREE 2019 calendar – The organized Room

You will get a 12 month plan for attacking areas of your home little by little. The best thing is- I will be with you along the way to elaborate on a task and offer additional solutions to get your best possible results.

January- Your Home’s First Impression

The new year is here and the tasks for this month are all about a Fresh start. 



First I recommend while you have no interruptions, grab your favorite beverage and a pen and paper. Go through your house room by room and write down 

a. things that you wish you could change about that room

b. areas you want to be organized in that space

c. what things need to be repurposed somewhere else or donated

d. and anything that needs to be fixed or updated

 While the goal is get your home in order, this is a good time to pay attention to how your décor makes you feel. If any items in your home don’t bring you joy, it is NOT fulfilling it’s purpose and needs to find a new home. Let’s get those things back in rotation. 

 “But Aunt Suzie gave me that sewing kit.”

I know. She is great, but you don’t sew. 

We attach the emotion of the person that gave us the item TO the item they gave us. The truth is that Aunt Suzie wants you to be happy. People don’t “spite gift” (except for that time I gave my nephew a drum set- LOL) No, people give gifts to bring you joy. They would not want you drowning in stuff for their sake.


(Or man) Grab a trash bag and walk around your home. Look for items that you don’t need, don’t use, and that do NOT bring you joy and –BAG IT! Let’s clear the clutter this month. Give your kids a bag for their rooms.


We all need to have a place that we can take care of our incoming and outgoing papers. A place that we keep our keys, jackets, shoes, etc. Start with looking at the entrance you use most often to come into your home. Then create an entryway, even if there seems like no way. READ MORE ABOUT CREATING ENTRYWAYS HERE

If you live in the Nashville area and would like to get your home organized this year, check out The Organized Room package. First we will start with a phone discovery call to talk about your project,  Then gather the necessary info to get your project going and Finally, schedule a day for my team and I to come and transform your space!